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A list of lesser known Webflow limitations (2021)

In this video Pixel Geek reviews a list of lesser known limitations inside of @Webflow
This is not a video to downplay all the wonderful things you can create with Webflow. There is no such things as perfect software solution for every use case in the world But with Webflow, you can already do a lot with it. This video is just an honest list of things you should know about the limitations of Webflow. View the full list of lesser known limitations of Webflow here: Video Sections 00:00:00 - Intro 00:00:44 - Static page limitations 00:02:31 - Static page limit workaround 00:03:50 - Intro to Webflow Collections 00:05:01 - Collection Fields limitations 00:06:24 - Collection Items limitations 00:08:22 - Website storage limitations 00:10:01 - Video file limitations 00:12:02 - Ecommerce limitations 00:13:30 - Subscription based products or membership sites 00:14:22 - Bandwidth limits and CDN 00:16:57 - Not downplaying Webflow ===== Join the Pixel Geek Community: Want to support my content? Consider donating here: I've been a web designer since 1995 and I've learned a lot about this industry. Now that I've found my dream job at Webflow, I want to share some of my experiences and knowledge with you in hopes you can find your dream job as well. The purpose for this channel is to help you design and build better websites, learn more about the business of web design, and empower you to inspire others in this unique creative industry. ------- Like what you see? Subscribe here: -------