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Micro Lesson #9 — Copy and paste elements and styles between Webflow projects

Quick overview of copy and paste functionality inside of Webflow
If you're like us, you're often borrowing elements from previous projects when starting from scratch in a new project. Not only does this save time; it is scientifically proven to simultaneously reduce stress and improve muscle tone. In this special bilingual Webflow University Micro Lesson, Grímur shows us how to copy and paste between projects in both English and Icelandic. To copy an element (plus all its children elements), simply select the element and copy it to your clipboard using Command + C on macOS or Control + C on Windows. Open the destination project in a new tab, and simply select any element on the page to paste the copied element inside — Command + V on macOS or Control + V on Windows. To learn more about copying and pasting between projects in Webflow, check out our full lesson on Webflow University: ---------- Get started with Webflow: