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Create 3D perspective & organize content using Sections — Webflow tutorial

In this video we'll learn how to add 3D perspective and organize content using sections in @Webflow
Learn how and why to use Webflow’s Section, a layout element that extends across the full width of the browser window. Sections are like chapters in a book. They neatly organize content and stack on top of one another by default. With Sections, you can create separate blocks of content, change the styling of elements nested inside by styling the Section itself, and enable 3D perspective for elements inside. In this video, we’ll cover: 00:00 - Introduction 00:36 - Add & style a Section 03:53 - Set minimum height using pixels 04:51 - Set minimum height using viewport height 05:19 - Add 3D perspective to a Section 06:00 - Recap & Grimur Theragunning his IT band Learn more about Section videos: ---------- Get started with Webflow: Join the Webflow Community: