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Flexbox layouts in 2020 (using HBO Max, pricing tables, tags, & card layouts) — Web design tutorial

Learn more about building modern Flexbox layouts.
Flexbox is the industry standard display property used by Apple, Google, Medium, Awwwards, and other design leaders to build powerful, responsive web design layouts. From alignment and justification to wrapping tag elements inside a card layout, we’ll cover the ins and outs of using flexbox to build world-class designs for the web. 00:00 - Main Title/The Ice Planet Hoth 00:42 - Align and justify elements using flexbox 02:25 - Override flex parents using flex children 03:30 - Align pricing card buttons with auto margin 04:40 - Keep footers on the bottom of pages with auto margin 05:38 - Use flexbox to fix 07:20 - Wrap flex children inside a parent element 08:31 - The Rebel Fleet/End Title We created a flexbox game to help you learn flexbox even faster. Learn more at Webflow University: ---------- Get started with Webflow: