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Micro Lesson #7 – Quickly access the Selector field

Learn how to easily access the Selector field inside of Webflow.
Using classes is essential for designing for the web, but adding classes to each and every element on your site can be repetitive and tedious. The cumulative time which you spend moving your mouse from your Canvas to the Selector field can often exceed the time you spend on making a cup of coffee. That's why — after many back-and-forth feedback conversations with Olympic athletes and our team — we've developed a simple solution. With any element selected, press Command + Return on macOS (or Control + Enter on Windows) to instantly enter your Selector field. You can also use the up and down arrows to select elements ordered in the Navigator, saving you time and granting you that cup of coffee. There are keyboard shortcuts for almost everything — check out our lesson on keyboard shortcuts in the Designer for the full list: ---------- Get started with Webflow: