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Sketch to Webflow: Job board - Responsive Design (Part 3)

Building a job board in Webflow

Sketch to Webflow: Job board - Responsive Design (Part 3)

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In this 4-video series, I'm going to walk you through my recent project - adding a job board to BeforeYouShine website that we created in the previous 20 videos. I'll show you how to create the Homepage in Part 1 with dynamic collections for companies and job posts to be able to display them on the home of the jobs. And in the second part (Part 2) I'm going to create the detail. We will reuse a lot of components from the initial project such as navigation, footer and CTA and a few of the text styles. So if you need any help check the previous videos via the link below (Course overview) or the playlist. Β 

Let me know in comments what do you think about this project and as a next video course I'll be working on reworking my portfolio - πŸ₯³

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