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Episode #40 – Geoff Roberts – Outseta

Dive deep with Geoff Roberts from Outseta
Geoff Roberts is the co-founder of Outseta, a tool which combines multiple different types of functionality into one platform allowing you to launch your project faster. Otuseta brings together Billing, CRM, Email, Help Desk and Authentication into one place. In this discussion Tom and Geoff talk about: - Why he built Outseta 1m 50seconds - How using multiple different tools can become painful 3m 55seconds - How he got into the no-code space 6m 13seconds - What no-code is and how it’s changing 8m 48seconds - Where no-code is going 11m 20seconds - Addressing the question of scaling 12m 56seconds - Lessons to be learnt from traditional software engineering inc version control 15m 07seconds - What’s missing in the space 16m 52seconds - Bootstrapping vs Raising Venture Capital 19m 18seconds - New Funding Models 26m 02seconds - The Tools Outseta replaces 27m 51 seconds - Time vs Money Saved 32m 24seconds - Remote Working with Twins 40m 33seconds - What he would build if he wasn’t building Outseta 50m 10seconds - What is he most excited about? 51:47seconds We hope you enjoy this conversation.