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Secret to Running a $1 Million Solo Design Agency

n the video, Chris and Brett discuss the advantages of subscription-based pricing for design services.

In the video, Chris and Brett discuss the advantages of subscription-based pricing for design services. Brett explains that his agency, Design Joy, is a one-man design subscription service that he started in 2017, following a layoff from a traditional design agency. He saw an opportunity in the market for a subscription-based service for higher-end design work and decided to start his own agency. He targets clients who want ongoing design work, such as branding, product design, and landing page design.

Brett compares the subscription model to a retainer, but explains that it is more productized, with fixed outcomes and a fixed fee. He likens the pricing page of a software product to the way he sells design services. His clients pay a recurring fee of $5,000 per month for unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, and a two-to-three day turnaround on requests. The outcome is fixed, but the actual volume of output can vary depending on the client's needs.

Brett discusses the advantages of subscription-based pricing over hourly or project-based pricing. He notes that it provides stability for both the client and the designer, as clients know what they are paying for and designers know what they are delivering. He also talks about the importance of trust and communication with clients, and how subscription-based pricing can help build that trust.

The conversation ends with a discussion of the potential for high revenue through subscription-based pricing, and the importance of sharing transparently to help others in the industry. Bret shares his experience of earning $120,000 per month from 20 clients, but emphasizes that this is not a model that everyone should follow blindly. He encourages designers to find their own path and share their experiences with others.

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