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DON’T Become a Web Designer in 2023?

Ran Segal shares why he thinks Web design is actually a solid career path

A few days ago, my friend Peyton released a video saying “Don't become a web designer” (  

 • DON'T become a we... ) with a bunch of reasons why not to get into web design. And on this video, I actually want to debunk them and explain why I don't think these are actually valid reasons. Also, nI’ll share why I feel 

Web design is actually an awesome career path. 

Web Design Courses:



00:00 - Intro 

00:17 - Why get into web design

01:13 - Super competitive → Growth in service providers but also need / 90-10

04:01 - Things change rapidly → staying up to date

05:33 - Underpaid → 50-70k (15k minimum)

07:02 - People don’t value design

09:11 - Talent doesn’t always win

10:37 - Ai 

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