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Reviewing Webflow Maker Day Entries!

Explore Webflow maker Day submissions with Mackenzie Child
Hurry! Voting ends on September 8th, 2020! View all entries here: Featured in this video: 1) Backend API by created by Finsweet View it live: Vote: 2) Mailfolio, an email inbox created by Tom Green View it live: Vote: 3) She Designs Landing Page created by Melisa Bhagwandin View it live: Vote: 4) Sia Sia Bowie Bowie Giraffe Giraffe memory card game created by Joshua Fry View it live: Vote: 5) Night Cityscapes created by the team of Annie Noa, Ilya Gusinski & Melissa Nguyen View it live: Vote: 6) Zoom Redesign created by Sarkis Buniatyan View it live: Vote: 7) No Code Automated Social Media Image Workflow with Airtable, Integromat, Placid App & Webflow, created by Colleen Brady View it live: Vote: 8) Virtual Event Platform created by Ryan Hayward View it live: Vote: 9) Luxury property developer landing page created by Laura Mansfield View it live: Go vote: 10) Responsive Webflow Editor by Christopher Wray View it live: Go vote: Congrats & nice work to everyone who participated 👏 🔥 💪