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No Code Conf 2019 opening keynote | Vlad Magdalin | No Code Conf

Why is no code important for the future of software development?

The idea of no-code tools isn’t a new one. It’s a trend that has powered much of the internet since the days of Dreamweaver. And it’s making a comeback. Founders are building tools to help people and investors are jumping in to help businesses on the forefront of this movement. This fireside chat will explore why the comeback is happening now — and what’s next for no-code.———

No Code Conf 2019 | Brought to you by WebflowThe no-code revolution is here — and the first conference celebrating its future and some of its greatest makers was, in fact, televised. Catch inspiring talks from no-code movement leaders like Vlad Magdalin, Hiten Shah, Brianne Kimmel, Pablo Stanley, and many more.Ready to join the no-code revolution? Discover the power of visual web development for yourself at

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