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Classes, combo classes & global classes (featuring Rob Lowe) — Web design tutorial

Learn more about using classes inside of Webflow
With CSS classes, you're able to create unique styling changes. Making manual style changes to each and every element is tedious and time-consuming. Base classes are the main way to quickly create consistent styles across your website. If you make changes to one base class, it affects all base classes, because classes save styling information that you can apply to as many elements as you want throughout your website. But it doesn't stop there. You can use combo classes to build upon your base classes. That's because a combo class references the original base class. You can also use global classes to bring a specific style to any class in your website. Global classes are specific styles to a wide range of elements. In this lesson, we'll cover these three types of classes, which will grant you the knowledge and superpowers to create your websites exponentially faster than before. ---------- Get started with Webflow: