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Nailing Your No Code App's TARGET MARKET and MESSAGING

In this video @TheGabyRoman teaches us about defining your target marketing and messaging alongside launching your #nocode app.
If you build it, they will come… Is the worst advice you could follow! In reality… If you build it (aka your no code app), you better have your target market and messaging nailed down. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time getting anyone to come knocking. There are 2 big problems we see app entrepreneurs facing… 1. They have the right app, but the wrong target market 2. They have the right app, but the wrong messaging Don’t assume you have both of these right because if you get them wrong, the consequence is crickets on the other side of your launch. We want you to avoid that, so in this video, we’re breaking down how you can sidestep the problem of getting your no code app's market and/or messaging wrong. (In reality, both problems stem from the same place, so consider this lesson a 2-for-1.) Watch the video now and learn some quick and simple frameworks to help you get the right app… And the right market and messaging. You need all 3 of them for this whole “launch” thing to work. ;) _________________ 💥 Want to build a customized MVP app you can be using and testing within the next 12 weeks? Apply to work with us here: 👉 Plus, join your free training series here: